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A nation wide telecommunications build-out project involved
a strategic alliance of the parent company and several major vendors.
Due to the complexity of the “fast-break” play required by the project,
it was natural that conflict and breakdowns arose within
and between the companies.


Quantum Edge played a unique, ongoing role across this alliance as
leadership coaches and senior team developers to the parent
company as well as to two of the critical vendor companies. In
addition to helping all three companies develop caring, innovative
cultures, we provided group facilitation and conflict mediation both
within and between the companies at critical junctures.


Over the eight years of this breakthrough project the parent company
grew it’s subscriber base by a factor of 20 to nearly three million
customers and was valued at $20 billion. The vendors quickly
became world class leaders in the industry.


Helping strategic alliances master complexity


Mastery of change today requires companies to manage complex
relationships across a wide network of stakeholders. Quantum Edge
provides breakthrough facilitation services to corporations to help build
sustaining relations across alliances and to transform breakdowns
in communication into breakthrough results.