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After failures costing billions, a major medical provider was radically
challenged to successfully transform its massive medical records
system from analog to digital. A new IT leadership team
was brought in to achieve the breakthrough.


Quantum Edge was asked to develop the leadership culture to
establish the essential collaboration capabilities and the necessary
innovative thinking skills required across the IT division
to assure success across the entire company.


We facilitated the declaration of their breakthrough vision, the setting
of annual goals, the chartering of thirty operating teams and the
quarterly reviews to measure their results. To help the executives
master the high complexity, high pressure environment, we coached
them to embody leadership presence and deep listening.


In three years, the team fulfilled its multi billion dollar project goals,
producing the first system of its size with the 99.99% availability
required for the safety of patients across the entire country.


Helping companies achieve the improbable


Leadership of change in organizations requires exceptional
communications. We help leadership teams develop crucial deliberation
skills to ensure authentic conversations regarding system integration
issues. We meet periodically with matrix teams using the company’s
ongoing integration work as the ground for skill application. The
developmental coaching of the cross system teams is thus
integrated into their real-time work flow.